Fargo’s Donald Trump shop will remain open

FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) — Those at the Donald Trump shop in Fargo say they will not be closing their doors any time soon.

Lee Olson, a volunteer, says he’s unsure of what to expect in the coming years, but is praying for the best.

Olson says business has slowed down since the election, but there are still some customers that continue to come in.

Some of the regulars, however, have not stopped by in a while.

“Some of them haven’t even come in,” Olson explains. “I feel like since the election that some of them aren’t really doing well, so I’m kind of missing them. But others are confident and looking forward to the future.”

Olson believes Donald Trump will run for office again.

He says his biggest reason for supporting Trump is that he is pro-life.

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