Marchers take to the streets in Fargo on Inauguration Day

Some people in the metro say a new administration in the White House doesn't mean much until real change is made

FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) — As President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris are sworn into office in Washington, marchers take to the streets in Fargo.

The “Solidarity March,” they say, is a call for people to come together and demand the changes they want to see this year and into the future.

“Our officials from the very top, the federal to local, have all completely failed to show up for us, to let us know that we’re not going to starve during a pandemic,” says Vanessa Clark with the Red River People Over Profits Initiative, the group behind the rally.

Alleviating the social and financial burdens of the pandemic, addressing police brutality, and protecting our communities from the threat of right-wing violence are all part of the conversation, they say.

For a local member of the Brown Berets, getting kids out of cages, reuniting families and granting them asylum is a top priority.

“That is one trauma and one atrocity that is completely ignored in this country,” says Brown Berets Regional Commander Acaecaetzin. “Biden’s administration has said that they’re going to do what they can. They’ve made some promises, so we’re here to make sure we hold them accountable to those promises.”

Marchers made their way from Island Park to the Cass County Courthouse and then to Fargo City Hall.

A final message from Avalon Fyreheart, a member of the Red River People Over Profits Initiative: “Care for each other. Get involved with your community, go to City Commission meetings, let your voice be heard, don’t be afraid to stand up for what you believe is right.”

The group is planning to hold more events.

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