Bill in ND Legislature would make recreational marijuana legal

BISMARCK, N.D. – A Republican lawmaker is proposing a bill to make recreational marijuana legal in North Dakota.

State Rep. Jason Dockter of Bismarck says attitudes toward the drug have changed in the past few years.

His bill would not support growing nor would it protect people carrying more than an ounce from the law.

Both neighboring South Dakota and Montana have voted to legalize marijuana.

Dockter says the point of the bill is to be proactive.

“We’re a very conservative state, but I’ve had really good feedback saying I don’t agree with it, with the concept of recreational marijuana but we know it’s coming and we might as well get something passed before initiate measure puts that in the constitution,” Dockter said.

A pro marijuana group which has been cleared to collect signatures for a proposed marijuana initiative on the 2022 ballot is in favor of the bill.

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