Salvation Army comes in shy of 2020 Red Kettle campaign goal

As a result, of the pandemic, the red kettles were down $60,000 from the previous year

FARGO, N.D. — The Salvation Army wraps up last year’s Red Kettle campaign as they announce the results of their largest fundraiser of the year.

With implications of the pandemic, the Salvation Army says they anticipated many more people in need of help in 2020 compared to previous years.

As a result, the red kettles were down $60,000 from the previous year as they say they saw a decrease in foot traffic.

“As you know, our goal was to raise $900,000. It is our largest fundraising campaign of the year and today I’m happy to report to you that we raised $890,425. So a little bit short of our $900,000 goal but extremely significant,” Salvation Army Corps Officer Maj. Jerry O’Neil said.

Major O’Neill says what made up for the lost funds came from donations that came straight to their door and from people responding to the Rescue Christmas Campaign.

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