Minnesota venues struggling to stay open at 25% capacity

Does the lower level in Fargo make venue competition more harsh for Moorhead.

DILWORTH, Minn. – While Fargo’s Concert scene gets some much needed good news, others aren’t so fortunate.

Companies on the other side of the Red River are still struggling with business.

Starting Friday, North Dakota venues will be able to hold events with 75 percent capacity

We talked with Todd Carlson who owns TAK Music Venue and has only seen four events in nearly 11 months. He says having concerts with such limited capacity is hard but what has really been a problem lately is the 10:00 PM limit to serve food and alcohol.

Two weeks ago I got a couple sold out shows that were going to happen here and actually did lose those to a site in Fargo, but that was more centered around the 10 pm closing. But yeah there are many events that I don’t even think have been booked over here because of the fact we could only have 25 percent capacity,” Carlson said.

Carlson hopes Governor Walz will adjust laws to allow his business to be more competitive. 

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