Fargodome opens its doors for first major public event since pandemic closure

The Red River Valley Boat show helps prepare guests for smooth sailing

FARGO, N.D. — It has returned. North Dakota’s 29th largest annual Red River Valley Boat Show is back at the Fargodome.

After closing its venue doors to events amid the pandemic, the Fargodome is helping prepare guests to set sail as it welcomes them back for a three day boat and marine products show.

“Being the first event back at the Fargodome it was a big task to work with the building to make sure all the safety guards were in place but it feels fantastic to have a show going again and we’ve had really good attendance so far,” Red River Valley Boat Show Show Manager, Barry Cenaikl said.

Cenaikl says the boat show is the perfect event to test the waters and get guests out of their homes.

“Being a boat show by design it kind of really works itself towards social distancing because the exhibits are very big, lots of boats, lots of room between the boats so this one was a really nice one in having a trade show between the covid situation,” Cenaikl said.

With many individuals planning summer activities while trying to abide by social distancing guidelines the boat industry could expect to see higher demand.

“We’re in a situation because of covid, that the supply chain in the marina industry is very stressed, and if you don’t pick up your boat in January, February maybe even March you may not even get it until very late in the summer,” Cenaikl said.

People looking to get their feet wet with summer boating activities should follow a few key points for smoother sailing.

“If you’re a brand new boat owner spend a lot of time at the dealership really make sure that they go through all the features, the safety aspects of it and you really should go take a coast guard course to make sure you know what you’re doing out on the water,”Cenaikl said.

If you think the event may not float your boat, there may be other options for everyone in the family to enjoy.

“They might be looking for fishing boats or maybe they don’t really want to get in and out of the fishing boats so now they’re going to go into a pontoon or some people will be happy to get out of the house. Maybe the kids are antsy and they want to go live trout fishing, but what’s it really about is getting down here and looking at boats and docks to buy,” Cenaikl said.

The Red River Valley Boat show ends this Sunday.

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