It’s not quite time to let your guard down regarding COVID-19

FARGO, N.D. — Sanford Health’s vice president and medical officer says he’s seeing some people let their guards down when it comes to COVID-19 preventive measures.

This comes as more people are getting vaccinated and North Dakota’s safety restrictions are loosened.

As more COVID-19 variants are confirmed, Dr. Doug Griffin says it’s important to continue masking up, washing our hands and physical distancing.

“I think basically the message is we don’t want to let our guard down too early,” Dr. Griffin says. “I know we’re all anxious to kind of get back to normal, but it’s still too early to do that.”

He adds that wearing two masks instead of one offers more protection but is not something that’s necessary for all, especially those already wearing a double layered or medical grade mask.

The CDC has not issued any guidance on double masking.

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