Essentia Health Doctor Discusses How To Stay Safe In The Cold

As a cold front nears, Essentia Health Physician Dr. Chris Anderson gives some tips on how to avoid trouble in frigid temperatures

FARGO, ND (KVRR) – As a cold front approaches this weekend, it’s expected to bring temperatures with wind chills lower than what we’ve had in roughly two years. Not conditions ideal for being outside but if you have to, Essentia Health Physician Dr. Chris Anderson notes two mistakes he tends to see when it’s this cold.

“One is just being underprepared for the conditions,” Anderson says. “So, not having adequate clothing or shelter. You know, spending an excessive amount of time in those conditions. And the other is alcohol or other substance use that may make their decisions less than ideal.’

Anderson says that alcohol doesn’t make the conditions worse or cause problems to occur quicker but instead, it stands in the way of judgement.

“Clouds the body’s ability to sense just how cold or injured it has become and so you lose that warning to go seek shelter or go change the situation or environment you’re in and so you just lose your ability to do that,” he said.

Perhaps the biggest piece of advice the physician gives is understanding the severity of this type of climate and preparing accordingly.

“Make sure you have proper clothing, make sure you’re well hydrated and not intoxicated and just make sure you’re ready for conditions you know you’ll be in and potentially conditions you may find yourself in,” he said.

To that end, Anderson also says that drinking a little more water than you’re accustomed to can only help.

“You know, they do say that being well hydrated can help prevent cold-related injuries so I think just trying to maximize hydration as best as you can and that may help you,” he said.

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