NDSU Library Exhibit Aimed At Preaching Diversity And Inclusion

The NDSU Blacks Students Association helped put together the exhibit comprised of pictures, art, and stories

FARGO, ND (KVRR) – In the past, North Dakota State University has made a point of embracing equality, diversity and inclusion. After events across the country last year, they’re increasing their efforts. Inside the campus library sits a new exhibit. It’s designed to showcase a different culture and life experience.

“In a place like North Dakota, there’s not too much of a diverse population, so it’s important to kind of put a spotlight on those of us who have a different experience than their white peers and doing an exhibit was a great way to do it,” said Kayla Jones, the president of the NDSU Black Student Association.

The display is on the opposite end of the entry hallway and has a range of information to offer. There are four cases, a manikin case, books, pictures, videos and even a way for those with a smartphone to scan a Spotify playlist. Different ways of achieving the same goal.

“Our main goal is just to educate and hope that it can change people’s perspective a little bit or that someone learns something new each time they walk past one of the cases,” Jones said.

Jones oversaw the project and helped piece together the arts and culture case. To her, it’s a step in the right direction and one of many ways to learn more.

“Making sure that you attend the events we have that are strictly to educate, I mean even if you attend things that are more fun, just to educate,” she said. “So we do things that are like open mic night, where we kind of talk about our culture, things like that. Those things are very helpful.”

When it comes to reaching more people, there’s still a barrier in her mind.

“A lot of people don’t want to be seen as someone who’s bad and that’s not always the message. Sometimes it’s just maybe make this change here or change your approach,” she said.

Jones feels there’s work to be done but that strides have been taken and hopes it continues to trend that way.

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