North Broadway Bridge closed indefinitely

FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) – The 30-year-old North Broadway Bridge linking Fargo to rural Clay County is closed indefinitely.

Fargo Transportation Engineer Jeremy Gorden says soil from the river embankment is pushing onto the north pier and causing it to lean.

The city’s options include either replacing the pier or bridge, or demolishing the bridge and not replacing it.

Replacing the pier would cost $2 million while bridge replacement would cost $4 million.

The city is asking for public input on how to move forward.

“I’m sure there’s feelings all over the board on what we should do, so we’ll gather the input to determine the course probably in the next three to six months,” Gorden said.

Drivers will have to use the County Road 20 Bridge along 40th Avenue North, which is about half a mile northwest of the North Broadway Bridge.

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