Derby for Veterans gears up for an exciting competition

VFW host the Derby for Veterans pine derby races.

FARGO, N.D. – This is the ninth year of the Derby for Veterans, and much of competition is speeding to get in.

From local businesses to pine derby enthusiasts from out of state people are on edge to see if their cars qualify.

This year the Derby for Vets team is expanding their streaming ability to bring the excitement to people who can’t attend in person.

The Derby for Vets hopes to use the event to raise money for VA services outside of what taxes take care of. This includes, cable for the VA hospital, visitor sleeping amenities for the VA hospital, and other things to make life comfortable.

“The Commander’s Cup this year is extra special because what we’ve done is opened it up for all the first responders to participate. So we want to show a little tribute to them and all that they have done in the last year,” Derby Director Dan Jacobson said.

Races start Saturday morning at 11:00.

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