Fargo City Commissioner Tony Gehrig seeks end to restrictive city law for off-sale liquor sales

FARGO (KFGO/KVRR) – Fargo City Commissioner Tony Gehrig will ask the city liquor control board to approve his recommendation to end an ordinance that restricts stores, including supermarkets, from selling off-sale liquor.

Gehrig, one of five members on the liquor control board, says Fargo’s current law, which prohibits off-sale within grocery and other big box stores is outdated and act as a barrier by protecting those who have off-sale liquor licenses and don’t want more competition.

He says Fargo made a “goofy rule, a red herring” that requires a separate building in order to sell off-sale which has led to lost business, jobs, and revenue in Fargo.

Gehrig cites Costco as an example.  They didn’t locate their store in Fargo because of the city off-sale restrictions. Costco selected West Fargo because the city is less restrictive.

If he doesn’t get approval from the liquor control board at its Wednesday meeting, he will take his recommendation directly to the city commission for discussion.

The city commission has the final say.

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