Social Distancing: Museums Deemed Safest Indoor Place

Study Says Museums Are Safest Indoor Activity When It Comes To Avoiding COVID


Are you absolutely desperate for some sort of indoor activity to get out of the house this winter.
Well here you go.

Museums are apparently the safest indoor activity, if you’re looking to avoid the coronavirus.
A study from the berlin institute of technology says when it comes to indoor activities, going to a museum is the least-risky activity right now.
Researchers looked at variables like airflow and aerosol particles inhaled by people in a room.
They found you’re less likely to get COVID at a museum than supermarkets, restaurants, offices, gyms and hair salons.
So let’s take a look at some local museums you might not have been to in a while.

The Rourke Art Museum in Moorhead has an exhibit up from a local artist, Cyrus M. Running. He taught at Concorida. The museum is also limiting capacity to six visitors an hour due to COVID. You can also view a lot of their artwork on display on their website.

The Plains Art Museum in Fargo has an exhibit open through the end of May called “High Visibility: On Location in Rural America and Indian Country”.
The art focuses on issues in rural life and how the culture and history of the area informs present day living.

Outside of the Metro, the Becker County Museum in Detroit Lakes has a new exhibit featuring memorabilia from former Congressman Collin Peterson’s three decades in the House.
Peterson donated his desk and chair from his Washington D.C. office, along with a few pieces of memorabilia and papers for display.

Clearly there are a ton more great museums full of history, art, culture and fun. And they’re apparently about the safest place you can go indoors right now. Let me know about your favorite local museum. I love checking out history on my travels. Find me on Facebook and Twitter.

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