Youth test their luck at the annual Ice Fishing Derby

FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) — A free event is giving people the chance to pull out their fishing rods and test their luck at ice fishing.

“That’s the really fun thing about this event is it really gives families an opportunity to come out and try ice fishing. We don’t expect people to be experts here, we do have some expert fishermen that come to this event, but we don’t expect that and it’s a really good opportunity for families to be able to try something new in the winter time,” Fargo Park District Event Specialist, Stephanie D’Ambrosio said

Stephanie D’Ambrosio who is an Event Specialist with the Fargo Park District says this annual event is perfect for family bonding no matter the skill level.

“We have our annual ice fishing derby so we partnered with FM-Walleyes on this event, they came out this morning and pre-drilled 600 holes and then kids fish for about an hour and then we give out awards,” D’Ambrosio said

Some families who are returning winners from last year’s event say it’s all about enjoying the experience.

“It was awesome she was fired up. She’s still wearing the medal she hasn’t taken it off for a year… no i’m kidding she’s taken it off,” Matt Skoy from Fargo said.

“I caught two fish and I got a medal for it,” Bell Skoy from Fargo said.

“We enjoy going out and having a good time and what better way to jump in the community and look at everybody around here you know just to see the little kids out here. So we try to do our fair share of fishing and we don’t take it too serious, but just have a good time,” Matt Skoy said.

Other frequent fishers give a few helpful tips on which essential items you may need to ensure a successful experience.

“You have to have a fishing pole and fishing bait and maybe an ice tent if you get cold, a fish finder and then you can get started,” Braxton Anderson from West Fargo said.

With those helpful tips one is bound to make quite the catch.

“13 inches, he caught a little perch earlier tell him how excited you are… super excited,” Larry Gibson from Fargo said.

Those with the Fargo Park District say you’re bound to catch a lot more fish at a similar event this summer.

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