Fargo attorney says jury selection has ‘paramount importance’ for Chauvin trial

FARGO (KVRR) – The Minnesota Court of Appeals Friday ordered a third-degree murder charge against former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin to be reconsidered.

The order sets up a potential delay in the trial, which is scheduled to begin with jury selection Monday.

The selection process could take up to three weeks.

Vogel Law Firm criminal defense attorney Mark Friese says picking a jury can be an artform, and he says in this case, there’s no room for error.

“Jury selection in a case like this is very difficult because you have a lot of people with a lot of interest in the case” Friese said.  “A case like this is won or lost based on the jury that gets empaneled.”

“You have a lot of potential public outcry, depending on how the verdict comes down. You have a lot of people who have formulated opinions and you’ve got a real danger that during the process, the wrong questions and the wrong answers may taint the entire pool, requiring you to start over.”

Friese says studies have shown that jury members typically make up their minds about a case quickly, even though they are told not to make a decision about guilt or innocence.

“They’re going to be formulating some strong opinions early-on in this case.”

The three other officers charged in the death of George Floyd will be tried at a later date.





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