Professor addresses NDSU’s investigation into book with swastika on the cover

FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) – North Dakota State University continues its investigation after a book with a swastika on the cover was left inside a little lending library outside the Memorial Union.

Associate Professor Larry Napoleon, Jr. says no message of intent was left with the book, but it was placed in a prominent way to draw attention.

All other books from the library were taken out and Fatherland by Robert Harris was propped up on a bible.

Napoleon, Jr., who’s part of NDSU’s Crisis Response Task Force, says the university wants to respond in a responsible way that reaffirms its beliefs. He said, “We are committed to creating and fostering an environment where everyone is welcome, everyone is safe, and everyone is free to pursue their own goals and dreams …We’re committed to that and anything that stands counter to it, we’ll stand counter to that.”

NDSU also recently investigated small decals placed on Minard Hall’s doors that referenced a “hate group.”

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