Walmart Boots Nazi Face Mask Wearing Minnesota Couple

Police say the couple has been issued trespass notices

MARSHALL, Minn. — A couple who wore Nazi flag face coverings to Walmart in Marshall, Minnesota have been told not to return. Police say the couple has been issued trespass notices. Officials said they are banned from visiting any Walmart facility for at least a year. A video posted on social media showing the couple going through a checkout lane…

No Charges after Minnesota School Marked by Swastika

The vandalism happened over the weekend.

EDINA, Minn.–Police in a Minneapolis suburb say a juvenile will not face charges after acknowledging drawing a swastika and other offensive graffiti on a shed at an elementary school. Edina police were called Saturday about the chalk graffiti. The officer photographed the graffiti and then washed it off. Authorities reviewed security video and identified the juvenile as a person of…

“It Can Happen Again”: Minnesota Holocaust Survivor Speaks on Charlottesville, Surviving and How We Can Stop Hate

Reva Kibort lost her parents and some of her siblings to the Holocaust. She said Charlottesville Brings it all back. KMSP Fox 9 reporter Christina Palladino reports.

GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. — A Holocaust survivor, chilled by the events in Charlottesville this past weekend. “I wish I had a picture of my mother but I don’t,” Reva Kibort said. “She died from starvation in the ghetto.” Almost every time Kibort mentions her mother who she last saw in a Nazi labor camp in Poland, the 84-year-old gets very…