Fargo restaurant fires back after bathroom sign complaint

Luna Fargo on Facebook: "We consider gender neutral bathrooms to be a very small way we can let our community know that we take inclusivity very seriously."
Whichever Sign

FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) — A Fargo restaurant fires back after a customer complains over its bathroom signs.

Luna Fargo on University Drive shared to Facebook a message from a customer who says they work for a fortune 500 tech company and brought a date to the restaurant.

The customer says the door sign “Whichever” is offensive and their date chose not to use the restroom.

In Luna Fargo’s post, it reads, “you should know that in all the years these signs have been up, you are the very first person to cause a stink.”

The post says we take inclusivity very seriously and adds that it makes good business sense to label the single stall bathrooms this way.



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