Gearing up for April snow

While Public Works are securing the streets, the public can head over to Mac's Hardware Store for winter gear

FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) — Just when we thought the sun was sticking around, snow is back into the North Dakota sky.

“We can clean up and let mother nature take it away,” Fargo Public Works Supervisor Lee Anderson said.

Mother Nature switching it up once again here in North Dakota. From warm spring temperatures to snowy weather. Forcing North Dakotans to bring out the gloves, coats, and boots. Anderson ensuring his team is prepared for this clean-up.

“Even if it was a lot more significant snow than we are expecting, we will get through it. We have most of our equipment still ready and able to move snow and we will use that equipment to do so,” Anderson said.

While Public Works are securing the streets, the public can head over to Mac’s Hardware Store for winter gear.

“We are prepared for winter gear, well this weekend. We have all our biberalls. We have winter jackets and we have our snow shovels out for this upcoming snow,” Mac’s Hardware Assistant Manager Nikolette Carrillo said.

Clothing, footwear, snow equipment and car fluids, the store sells a variety of many things.

“The most important I would say is make sure your car stays nice and warm so all our antifreeze would be one of them. And then especially yourself. Make sure you’re warm too, so some biberalls or extreme jackets will do you good,” Carrillo said.

As the storm flows through most of Tuesday, Fargo Public Works wants to highlight one thing.

“As darkness comes and pavement temperatures cool off, evening and morning commutes, depending on the amounts of snow, could be dicey,” Anderson emphasized.

Anderson says everyone should drive slowly as they commute to work to avoid slipping on ice.

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