‘Bola Wrap’ Device To Be Used At Cass County Sheriff Dept.

The Cass County Sheriff Department is introducing a new device to help with restraining suspects.

FARGO, N.D. — The Cass County Sheriff Department is adding a less-lethal force option” The Bola Wrap.

The device acts as a remote handcuff to restrain anyone from a distance.

“We as an agency always want to be forward-thinking and look for different ways that we can do things safer, rather that’s to the suspect, ourselves, or other people who might be in that immediate area,” Cass County Sheriff Jesse Jahner said.

Once the cartridge is loaded into the device, the officer will use the laser light to target the suspect’s arms or legs. But, before the officer launches the Bola Wrap, they will have to say the word ‘wrap’ three times.

Sheriff Jahner explains, “Before the device is deployed, we will say in the instance wrap….wrap….wrap. If it’s a taser, typically taser….taser….taser. The reason why we do that is to let other officers in that immediate area know that someone is going to be deploying a less-lethal option.”

The thirteen-hundred dollar unit still has to clear a few policies and procedures from the Cass County Sheriff.

“I would speculate over the next week or two we will have them deployed into the field,” Jahner says.

The Sheriff says the department purchased three units to try out.

“The idea behind that is to strategically place them in the different divisions in our organization. The field side or the patrol will have one. The jail. We will have one inside the jail. Then, one over at the courthouse,” Jahner explains.

The Sheriff says the device does have limitations if the person is moving, standing near an object, and weather conditions.

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