Fargo woman turns passion for fresh fruits, vegetables into business

Renae Mitchell owns Juice Box Fargo

FARGO, N.D. — (KVRR) “Well, for a business owner, I would say, follow your passions,” said Mitchell.

The female entrepreneur did just that. Two years ago, Renae Mitchell of Fargo decided to start up a new venture after graduating from the Nutritional Therapy Association.

“I wanted to take the knowledge on what I learned to teach people how to use their intelligence to heal themselves,” Renae stated.

Mitchell makes juices out of raw fruits and vegetables or as she calls it an “instant shot of nutrition.”

She sells her juices online and in her mobile juicery that she brings to food markets in the metro.

“Most people don’t get their recommended fruits and vegetables everyday so this is just a easy way of that intake,” the business owner mentioned.

The juices come in many combinations.

“Our best selling flavor is Summer Breeze which is watermelon, pineapple, lime. I heard that it taste like a liquid Jolly Rancher,” said Renae.

“My favorite is the Burst of Spring. It’s a little thicker, more like smoothie type material and it’s really sweet. Honestly, a burst of spring,” said Sadie Moen. 

Along with making tasty juices, Mitchell wanted to create something that is family oriented as well.

“One of my whys for me starting this business was wanting to start a business with my two kids. I have two teenagers, Jack and Josephine. They are 16 and 18 and it was super important to me to be able to have them with me so they can learn how to start a business hopefully someday,” said the mother and owner.

Juicing is just a piece of the puzzle Renae says that can help the body naturally.

“I wanted to bring this passion of mine, juicing to Fargo-Moorhead and the process that we do it just to help people to realize they can heal themselves you can be empowered,” Renae Mitchell mentioned.

You can learn more about Mitchell and her mission through her website JuiceBoxFargo.com and on her Instagram page.

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