Discover South Dakota: Aberdeen

Aberdeen Invited You To The Land Of Fairy Tales


We are wrapping up our two-week virtual road trip around our region with a visit to a land of make-believe.

Aberdeen, South Dakota has Storybook Land, a theme park filled with fairy tale characters and stories.
The park is inside the larger Wylie Park, which has camping and plenty of outdoor recreation activities.
Both parks have free admission.
Storybook Land features the Land of Oz.
“Wizard of Oz” author L. Frank Baum actually lived in the Aberdeen area for a few years before he wrote his famous book.

Casey Weismantel, Executive Director of the Aberdeen Area Convention and Visitors Bureau, explains, “He ran a mercantile business that failed miserably and they say that a lot of the influence in the Wizard of Oz came from Aberdeen itself.”

The Fort Sisseton Historic State Park is about 60 miles east of Aberdeen. The park features historic buildings still standing from the 19th Century. The park is hosting its annual Fort Sisseton Days celebration the first weekend in June.

Click here and watch the interview above to learn more about Aberdeen.

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