Fargo Police’s “Break the Silence” documentary aims to stop youth suicide

The Fargo Police Department are advocates in a new documentary about suicide prevention.

FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) – In an appeal to young people, Fargo Police want you to know that your life matters.

“And the star of this film is prevention,” Officer Bloom stated.

Last year two Fargo high school students took their own lives.

Fargo Community trust officers like Michael Bloom are taking action to bring awareness to suicide.

‘Its devastating when something happens to a kid in our community its devastating when anything happens to a kid but when it a kid that you might have seen in your community or  you might have known and you just think if you have kids of your own that could be my kid in ten years you think I got to do all I can to make a difference on this issue,” Officer Bloom said.

In the short film, people shared their experiences related to suicide and how it effected their lives.

“I love you guys. That’s the last thing he heard me say. Came home a little over an hour later, our world had changed,”  said Todd and Elizabeth, Liam parents.

“I don’t want to be here anymore, I remember say that i wanted to be with my mom,” Shannon Brooks said.

“We saw each other every day she took me to school she was saying goodbye,” said Megan, Kati’s sister

The Fargo Police Department Community Engagement Team made this free video resource for local schools and families to focus on prevention and education of suicide.

“Please reach out because your life matters so much and it’s devastating or would be devastating if something happened to you,” Bloom mentioned.

If you or someone you know is dealing with suicidal thoughts please don’t hesitate to call the NATIONAL SUICIDE HOTLINE or First link.

The numbers are on your screen. You can save a life.

To watch the full video and learn more about this topic go to http://www.breakthesilencetogether.org.

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