YWCA buys building for survivors of domestic violence

The new facility will be called 'Lantern Light' and will house 23 families.

FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) — The YWCA is helping provide affordable housing for women facing homelessness due to domestic abuse.

“The YWCA set out a very aggressive strategic plan back in 2015 to establish more affordable housing for women and their children,” YWCA Cass-Clay CEO Erin Prochnow said.

Out of a friendship with convent neighbor, Union of Sisters of the Presentation, the YWCA decided it would be best to purchase the building to better provide support for abuse survivors.

“After thoughtful and thorough conversation we realized just how much our missions aligned and how much we cared for others and how much we wanted to provide a safe environment for those escaping domestic violence and homelessness in our community,” said Prochnow.

The new housing will be called ‘Lantern Light’ and will house approximately 60 people affected by domestic violence.

“So, the 23 apartments will serve those 23 families and we estimate approximately 60 individuals and children would live here and we want there to be light in people’s lives who’ve come from domestic violence and facing homeless situations,” Prochnow added.

The 5.4 acre facility will be located next to the YWCA at the former convent building which Prochnow says is the perfect location to better provide services for women in need.

“It will create a campus-like environment where supportive services such as childcare and education employment services are available within our shelter which is just a brief walk away. So, to be able to create that campus-like environment is really ideal,” says Prochnow.

Prochnow says domestic abuse can occur anywhere and it is prevalent throughout the community.

“Far too often we were seeing women go back to abusive situations in unsafe homes and we want women and their children and all of those facing violence and homelessness to not live in fear any longer and have a place to call home,” Prochnow said.

The Lantern Light housing facility is expected to welcome women and their children in early 2023.

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