Fargo Fire and Police Departments investigating series of dumpster fires

"It was just like pop and the flames were high. High enough to think there was a house on fire, not trash bins."

FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) — Fargo Police and Fire Departments are trying to figure out who started dumpster fires Tuesday night.

“It was just like pop and the flames were high. High enough to think there was a house on fire, not trash bins,” Fire Witness Joanne Pedersen said.

Parts of South Fargo lighting up Tuesday night. Fargo Fire and Police Departments responded to five dumpster fires at three different locations. According to the press release – officials believe the fires are not related to the Southpointe Business Park Fire back on May 11th.

A witness of one of the fires says she thought it was a house fire, not the dumpsters.

“All of a sudden I heard a big boom and I looked out and I thought the house across the street was on fire and I looked out to see the trash bins burning. This one in particular. Then, I looked over there and that one was burning and then I heard from people who live in the next complex that there’s more burning down the road,” Pedersen said.

She says this is the first time seeing a dumpster fire at her building.

“It will be four years coming this fall. Never experienced a fire like this before. It was very scary. What I am thankful for is that nobody that got off work late went and threw their trash into the garbage receptacle and then it started on fire because that person would have been on fire,” Pedersen said.

Other neighbors say they saw three teens near dumpsters and ran. The Police and Fire Departments are searching for the suspect or suspects involved.

Pedersen says these crimes could seriously hurt someone.

“You weren’t thinking of others. You were doing something that is irresponsible and it better stop before you really really hurt somebody and there could have been a little kid out there running around in the backyard back here that you would have never really seen and what if that person caught ablaze,” Pedersen said.

Those responsible could face arson, endangerment, or criminal mischief charges. Police are asking the public for help in finding who is responsible.

Anyone with information or surveillance footage in the area of these arson reports is encouraged to call investigations at 701-241-1405. Tips may be submitted with the keyword FARGOPD to 847411.

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