Wentz Appreciating the Support of Home State After Another Successful Softball Game

Wentz was back in North Dakota this weekend for events relating to his charity, the AO1 Foundation

FARGO, N.D. — Since Carson Wentz was last in Fargo to host his A01 charity softball game in 2019 there have been a lot of changes. The QB traded in the number 11 teal Philadelphia green for the number 2 colts blue and welcomed a baby girl, Hadley, into the family.

To come home for the first time since it’s all happened and see the reception he’s getting is something he’ll always remember.

“It’s different. No doubt. I’ve never been number two before. It’s exciting. A new start,” Wentz said. “It’s cool to just see people support me regardless. To go from NSU to Philly and now to Indy and people are just backing me is really humbling and really cool.”

One of the most exciting parts for Wentz about the move to Indy was reuniting with Frank Reich, who was his offensive coordinator for the all-pro pro bowl season in 2017. While the two have only gone through mini-camp so far in the reunion, Wentz already has a sense for what can be accomplished.

“There was just a special connection that we had in Philly,” Wentz said. “Getting back and working together, it’s just been a couple weeks in the building but you can already feel the excitement we both have and the way we work and bounce ideas off each other. It’s going to be a fun one.”

Wentz is still forming relationships with his new Colts teammates. In getting to know them one factor really stands out in his eyes.

“Just a lot of high character guys. They really pride themselves on having the right people and culture in that building and in the locker room,” Wentz said. “I can really go across the board and say there’s a great dude, there’s a great dude. Everyone is striving for one goal together and that’s unity.”

As for future plans with his foundation in Indy, Wentz plans to have another softball game like he did in Philly and also have a food truck.

“We would love to bring it back. Hopefully next year right away,” Wentz said. “Hopefully we can do something fun out there. I know the support we have out here and in Philly, I know it’ll continue once it’s there.”

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