Minnesota Vikings Great Kramer Visits F-M Area

Tommy Kramer signed autographs for fans at Red Dragon Fireworks in Harwood

HARWOOD, N.D. — One of the top 50 greatest Minnesota Vikings of all-time quarterback Tommy Kramer paid a visit to the F-M area. He used the same arm that threw for 2500 yards and 59 touchdowns to sign autographs for fans at red dragon fireworks in Harwood.

The 1977 first round pick of the Vikes lives in Blaine Minnesota but always loves visiting the area. He said that North Dakota Vikings fans stand out from the rest because no matter what they’re always in good spirits when you meet them.

“They’re great fans. North Dakota. South Dakota. All of them are tremendous,” Kramer said. “Everybody is always nice to you. If you can do that, living your life being nice to people then you’re hopeful to get treated the same way.”

Kramer says he hasn’t made the ring of honor yet but isn’t too worried about if it happens or not. He’s just enjoying life.

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