Moorhead Weightlifters Shine at U.S. Junior Nationals

All seven who participated finished in top 15

DETROIT, MI — Moorhead weightlifters are taking the united states junior nationals in Detroit by storm. Competition has been going on all week. Seven current and former Spuds competed with everyone finishing inside the top 15.

Its just the fifth year of the program and the number of competitors continues to build. Just two years ago there was only one.

Carson Hiensch was a silver medalist in the 13 under class. Mya Rieber was a national champion in the 103 kilogram group. Emily Stamm finished sixth in the 149 kilograms class. Ella Rice fourth in the 87 kilogram division. Christanto D’Agostino finished firstĀ  in the 96 and Hailey sonnenberg seventh in the 76 kilo.

Assistant coach John Lubitz says all the credit for the success goes to the performers themselves.

“It’s more on them then it is on me as the coach because there are so many things that have to be done outside of the weight room. Your diet has to be on. You have to sleep,” Lubitz said. “Be hydrating yourself all the time in addition to the two hours of day training. There is a lot of stuff they also need to do at home and all of these kids have been able to accomplish that. They’re here and having a blast.”

The motivation for these Spuds lifters getting to this level came from D’Agostino and Sonnenberg who cleared the way and have inspired them.

“They were the first ones to sort of get to this national level and myself and Cory Hermann really emphasized in the weight room hey why not you,” Lubitz said. “These two people are just like you. Sitting in the same shoes you were a few years ago. They’re lifting on the national or world stage. You should be sitting there thinking why not me. That could be at that level and these kids have really bought into that.”

Next upĀ  for D’Agostino is competing at the Pan-Am games in Colombia just two weeks from now. He’s already placed 10th in the world juniors competition in Uzbekistan this past May.

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