Wentz On Reuniting With Reich: “You Can Already Feel The Excitement We Have”

As his charity softball game last weekend, the former Bison discussed the excitement of getting to play for his old Offensive Coordinator

INDIANAPOLIS, IN (KVRR) – The start to the regular season with Carson Wentz and Frank Reich alongside side each other is one day closer. Wentz’s best season four years ago came with Reich by his side.

The former Bison’s had his best season in 2017 when Reich was the Philadelphia Eagles’ Offensive Coordinator. In thirteen games, the 2016 2nd overall pick threw 33 touchdowns, just one fewer than Seattle’s Russell Wilson for the league lead. He did, however, finish with the best TD percentage and the fourth best QB eating. Wentz has praised Reich helping him then and is excited to get to work with him once again.

“It’s been awesome,” Wentz said at his AO1 charity softball game last weekend. “Coach Reich and I, we’ve stayed in touch over the years. I think we just had that level of respect and love for each other and a strong relationship. I know I was bummed when he left and I’m fortunate to have a lot of great coaches in between and everything but there was just a special connection that we had there and getting back to work together, it’s been, it’s just been a couple weeks in the building working together but you can already feel the excitement that we both have in the way we work and bounce ideas off each other and work together.”

Colts host the Seahawks to open the season on September 12.

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