Africa International Restaurant & Nightclub’s liquor license remains suspended

Commissioners motion to suspend the license until the new application is complete by liquor control board and city commission.

FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) — The Africa International defended themselves in front of the Fargo City commission.

The Fargo City Commission heard from the Africa International Restaurant and Fargo Police Chief David Zibolski.

The emergency meeting was held to discuss the continued suspension of the restaurant’s liquor license.

“I think the public safety concerns related to the operations of the tavern go from; underage patrons, improper use of the scanner device, the disturbance calls of potential over intoxication, issues there and really the gun issues with the employees,” said Fargo Police Chief David Zibolski.

The newly appointed manager of the restaurant/nightclub, who is fighting for the reinstatement of the liquor license, says he feels like the business is being targeted.

“It is with great sadness that I have to stand here in front of the commission today, because I feel like the establishment is being picked on. The claim of disturbances being an issue here does not exist. The chief stood here and pretty much nitpicked everything that has happened at the African bar and restaurant,” said Africa International Restaurant & Nightclub manager, Daniel “Kwame” Omane.

Omane says new implementations have been added to ensure the business is up to city standards.

“We changed our management team, we came up with new rules of operation, we came up with a code of conduct for security, we’ve done everything the city has asked us to do. All we are asking for is a fair share. I don’t think we have committed crimes that warrant us to lose our liquor license,” Omane said.

Commissioner Tony Gehrig says the business is heading in the right direction but would like more to be done before the reinstatement of its liquor license.

“Obviously all new management is happening here which is good, it’s what needs to happen. We do background checks on management, staff in all these establishments and everyone that comes to us. So my motion is to suspend the license until the application is complete by liquor control and the city commission,” Fargo City Commissioner Tony Gehrig said.

In a unanimous vote, commissioners agreed to Gehrig’s motion until both owners and the general manager undergo a full background check.

Further review of the businesses liquor license is expected to be reviewed at the next city commission meeting.

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