“It’s Getting to the Point Where He Can Correct Players” Lance Continues to Impress at 49ers Training Camp

Garoppolo, offensive coordinator McDaniel gave praise to the rookie QB

SANTA CLARA, CA — Patrick Mahomes 2.0. Best arm I’ve seen hands downs. Those have been words to describe quarterback Trey Lance’s performance so far at San Francisco 49ers training camp. However, the former Bison is still behind starter Jimmy Garoppolo on the depth chart.

Lance has said it’s a learning process so far transitioning to the pro level, however, teammates and coaches are seeing the potential.

Offensive coordinator Mike McDaniel says the 2019 FCS player of the year is right where he needs to be development wise.

What’s really stuck out, though,  is the way he’s managed the playbook and it’s even pushing the QB in front of him a little harder.

“Just the play calling and things like that have definitely been smoother,” Garoppolo said. “I would guess from OTA’s until now, it’s easier for him but just the athleticism he brings. Me and a couple of the offensive players were joking about that it pushes us to be better athletes in a way. It’s a different style and it’s pick the flavor that you want to.”

” He’s really comfortable in his own skin. He’s getting to the point where he can correct other players which is all you want as a coach from a coaches perspective,” McDaniel said. “You want a coach on the field. A person on the field who the receiver is going to listen to.”

San Fran is also keeping track of who is watching the most film and it just so happens to be Lance.

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