LIVE: Twin Cities Radio Host Comes Home To Rediscover Rural Life

"Rural by Choice" explores why people choose to live in rural Otter Tail County


The rural/urban divide is the focus of an upcoming docuseries centered around life in Otter Tail County.

Cory Hepola hosts “Hey It’s Cory Hepola” on WCCO radio in the Twin Cities. He’s also a Perham, Minnesota native who went to college in Moorhead.
His new video series, “Rural by Choice”, examines why people chose to live rural life.
He says he didn’t always appreciate what was available to him when he grew up in Otter Tail County.
So he’s trying his hand at some of those things. He’s also showing that there might not be that big of a gulf between the people who choose city life and the people who choose country life.

He says, “I just kept thinking I don’t think that it’s as far apart as people want to make it out. I think it’s become a political touchpoint and so that’s something that I’ve wanted to explore and say, look, we’re really not all that different.”

The seven-part series premiers on September 12th.

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