Lemonade fundraiser benefits North Dakota Guardsman after losing leg

I knew that I had a lot of people that loved me, but I didn't know that I had this many."

WEST FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) — A lemonade stand is helping provide a glimmer of hope to a North Dakota Guardsman.

A work accident on June 21st left 23-year-old Sam Hardesty with a severed right leg and an injured left leg.
Now two local girls are honoring him by turning lemons into lemonade as a symbol of hope.

“I was so proud just to hear my girls say that they wanted to do this to support Sam and they wanted all the proceeds and everything just to have the best for him. They understand the commitment that all of our soldiers and airmen put in everyday. They understand and they see it,” said the two girls’ father Eric Binstock.

After spending 45 days in the hospital Hardesty is overwhelmed with the outpouring of support he’s been getting from the community.

“I knew that I had a lot of people that loved me, but I didn’t know that I had this many. It’s crazy, every single one of those people you see right there have been supporting me for the past couple of months just everyday and checking up on me just asking me how I am and they keep doing more and more and I just didn’t expect to get this much love,” said Hardesty.

As Hardesty is faced with new challenges, his overall outlook of the future remains positive.

“In a year everybody is going to kind of forget about it and I’m going to be stuck with having no leg. So, I have two options; I can just sit and whine about it or I can step up and make something out of it. I think I’m going to choose the second option and just enjoy life because it’s just a leg,” Hardesty said.

With proceeds going towards Hardesty’s recovery Binstock says he hopes it will keep the momentum moving forward.

“It just means whatever we can do as hope that Sam Hardesty gets through this traumatic event in his life and has the will to drive forward and take his story forward with him and help other people that may find themselves in the same situation as he is in,” added Binstock

Hardesty says thanks to the support he won’t give up hope.

“This one is going to recover just fine, eventually I’m going to get a prosthetic, but life keeps going,” said Hardesty.

A free will spaghetti feed will be held for Hardesty on October 23 at the West Fargo VFW.

A fundraiser has also been set up for him.

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