Local siblings seek help in getting their family out of Afghanistan

"When I hear their voice I don't even want to hang up the phone because every time I feel like what if this is the last time."

UPDATE: North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum’s office tells KVRR the governor has reached out to the State Department and North Dakota Senator John Hoeven’s Office on their behalf.

KABUL, Afghanistan (KVRR) — Thursday marks Afghan Independence Day, but as the Taliban continues to take over the country, those once celebrating their independence are now fleeing for their lives.

Three Afghanistan refugees who wish their names not be disclosed have called Fargo their home for the past 12 years and are calling on state and government officials for help in getting their father and two half siblings out of Kabul.

“I sincerely request our Governor Doug Burgum to please give us a letter of support or help us get our dad out of there for his life and for his kids’ life.”

The three siblings who have not seen their father in person for 17 years, feel helpless not being able to do anything.

“I haven’t seen him in a long time and I haven’t had a father at all. Hearing my dad over there and hearing what he’s going through is heartbreaking, it’s sad because here we are safe, but the one person that we really care about is not here with us.

“It’s been hard, seeing him and talking to him and seeing the situation where he is right now and watching and reading the news, you can’t do anything when things are out of your reach and you feel hopeless.”

For the sister, she says it is hurtful to see the strides women have accomplished over the past 20 years come to an end.

“Women accomplished a lot, they’ve been educating themselves in different sectors and we have very successful business women in Afghanistan. Now they are all sitting at home and hoping that soon the Taliban will allow them to work.”

The siblings say they hope to get the rest of their family out of Kabul before it’s too late.

“When I hear their voice I don’t even want to hang up the phone because every time I feel like what if this is the last time.”

The siblings say they don’t want to see Afghanistan continue under Taliban control, but they say they are losing hope.

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