NDSU move-in day welcomes new Bison to the herd

"I'm looking forward to watching NDSU football and just making new friends and having a good time here, and learning."

FARGO, N.D. ( KVRR) — NDSU is welcoming new Bison to the herd at the university’s move in day.

As the start of the new school year begins, students settling into their dorms may be having a much smoother transition than the previous year.

“We have all sorts of students making their way onto campus. It is super exciting to see all the faces back here. Last year with covid it was a lot tougher to have the whole move in process, we had student scheduling and now this year it’s just nice to see all the students flowing back in,” Resident Assistant, Mia Halvorson said.

Some faculty who know a thing or two about move in day experiences say the day can be a roller coaster of emotions.

“What we always tell them is take time to say goodbye. 18 year old’s tend to be like it’s fine mom, it’s fine dad, but you’re going to miss them and they are going to miss you. So, take that time to say goodbye and have the hugs, but then jump right in,” Residence Life Director, Rian Nostrum said.

One incoming freshman says he’ll miss his family, but what he’s most excited about is his college experience.

“My mom has been a wreck all week, she’s been crying all week, my dad is ready to get me out of there, but i’m looking forward to watching NDSU football and just making new friends and having a good time here and learning. That’s a big part of coming here to school,” NDSU student, Luis Balderas said.

One mom who has a returning NDSU student gives her advice on parents dropping off their kids for the first time.

“They want to be independent so don’t call them everyday like I did, we had a little argument over that, but once she said mom don’t call me everyday I was like okay I have got to get over it and about February I started feeling better and this year it’s a piece of cake,” NDSU parent, Jenifer Hosman said.

And for students who may be feeling a little shy making new friendships or connections, Nostrum says they have events for everyone’s liking.

“We know for some of our students they are introverts and so that’s very overwhelming and so there are some activities that are very low key and much quieter and so we try to make sure that we have something that meets everybody’s personality until they get more comfortable,” said Nostrum.

NDSU will hold welcome week events including a large block party with snow cones, insomnia cookies and bingo.

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