Low Levels Reveal Junk In Red River

One Man Fished Shopping Cart Out Peeking Up Through The Water On Red River


GRAD FORKS, N.D. – We’re seeing more signs emerge of major drought conditions here in the valley.

Literally. This is a once-submerged shopping cart peeking out of the water in the Red River by the Riverside Dam in Grand Forks.
The river is flowing at just above 15 feet in Grand Forks.
For reference, flooding doesn’t start on the Red until about 33 feet.
My friend Nate Millard decided to do something about the eyesore in the river.
He grabbed a tow rope and fished it out.
Then he took it for a little joyride.
He says he’ll contact the store it came from, and if he can keep it, he’ll use it for a Halloween decoration.

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