Below Zero Wrestling Hosts Former WWE World Champion

Fargo-based Below Zero Wrestling hosted a wrestling seminar with a special guest who is a former WWE Tag Team World Champion.

FARGO, ND (KVRR) — Below Zero Wrestling invited former WWE World Champion Eugene A.K.A Nick Dinsmore to teach a seminar about professional wrestling and showcase aspiring wrestlers.

“I like to be able to give back to the professional wrestling business by training the new and upcoming stars that i think everybody wants to see some day on TV,” said Nick Dinsmore .

“They just learn entry all the way to the top and how to do things and how to work and manage a rink to be a manager or be referee so he is teaching all different aspects of it to a great group of guys in there,” said Nick Stokke.

“The point of a professional wrestling match is to pin the guy or make the guy submit,” Dinsmore added.

The group of up and coming pros learned about footwork, how to control breathing, and not to overdue a performance.

“Just learning to be respectful, and to work hard and try not to do anything too dangerous,”

“I love being a physical person and I love competition. I love putting on a show,” Jake Taylor¬† mentioned.

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