Quincy Patterson Becoming Dangerous Weapon for NDSU’s Offense

Had over 100 yards passing and rushing in week two win

FARGO, N.D. — The first time NDSU played a DV1 game was against Valparaiso and won back in 2014. On Saturday, history repeats itself with 64-0 win and It was domination was the start.

In the first two minutes Jaylen Price ran back a punt return for a 63 yard touchdown.

That was followed by NDSU defense making three stops leading to three rushing touchdowns before the half Including a 52 yard run by QB Quincy Patterson.

It was all part of 408 total yards for offense in the first half.

Head Coach Matt Entz said that Patterson’s footwork and run game would be a weapon to use against opponents and that was a proven factor in this game.

“Those are the opportunities he can create with his legs,” Entz said. “He did a great job of making a decision and making it fast and taking off with the football and you saw his ability to break tackles and he runs pretty well for 245 pounds.”

“It was a drop back pass and had a full way scan and by the time I got to the middle of the field they were¬† in my fast a little bit that’s when I went to step to the left and I seen nothing but green so i just took off,” Patterson said of his rushing touchdown.

“You saw a little more quarterback run game you saw some more motion,” Entz said. “Just trying to give Quincy just some more opportunities back there and find his playmakers and he was able to do that and we were able to execute,”

The defense also doing their job by holding the beacons to 185 yards the entire game.

Up next for the first time this fall, the bison will leave Fargo for back to back road games starting with Towson next Saturday.

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