Lake Agassiz Habitat for Humanity raises wall for Benjamin family

"We've never had something stable like that to call ours."

DILWORTH, Minn. (KVRR) — From foster care to home ownership.

With the help of Lake Agassiz Habitat for Humanity, the Benjamin family will soon get to call this house a home.

“It represents home and I know that’s probably a normal thing, but I think home to me is a family unit. Somewhere we all can call our own place. We’ve never had something stable like that to call ours,” future homeowner Kathy Benjamin said.

For Benjamin, the journey to home ownership may take a while, but for her, having a home means a stable place to stay after enduring hardships through the foster care system.

“It’s going to be stabilization, I talk about our history, my girls were in foster care, at one point my boys were in foster care. I was in foster care and looking back I can’t ever really think of calling something mine and in 30 years every single of us will have something that is ours,” said Benjamin.

After his fourth wall raising of the year, Habitat for Humanity’s Pete Christopher says it’s been a process getting to this moment.

“We’ve been working on this build for about a year now. The CEO especially going out and reaching out leaders in the community to help us in this build. It’s been about a year long process, maybe a little bit more, but no house is a free house. Our program is built on a hand up not a hand out. So, all of our family repay the cost of their home through an income based mortgage,” Lake Agassiz Habitat for Humanity Pete Christopher said.

Benjamin says she can’t wait to call her house a home.

“It’s ours we can paint the walls the way we want to, the backyard. I have all kinds of plans already for things that we are going to do. We are going to have a place where everybody can come, we can hangout, we can have get-together, start our new traditions and not have to worry about what the new living room is going to look like in a new place and how we’re going to decorate it. This is our stability now,” added Benjamin.

The Benjamin’s home is expected to be completed by early January.

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