Clay County Sheriff ‘inundated’ with theft reports


MOORHEAD, Minn. (KVRR) – Clay County Sheriff Mark Empting is asking property owners to help reduce a growing number of thefts across the county.

In a social media post, the sheriff’s office says it’s been “inundated” with burglary and theft reports in recent months.  Investigators say the thieves have been targeting rural properties and rural residential and commercial construction sites.

“These crooks are looking for catalytic converters, tools, and basically anything not bolted down. We have upped our patrol to the rural areas in hopes we catch them, but our county is over 1100 square miles in size and these culprits are hitting everywhere.”

Residents are encouraged to be on the lookout for suspicious vehicles.  Investigators also recommend using surveillance cameras.

Suspicious activity can be reported by calling Red River Dispatch at 701-451-7660 or  the sheriff’s office at 218-299-5151.

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