Afghan refugee reunited with her husband in ND

NORTH DAKOTA (KVRR) – As Afghanistan continues to experience chaos and turmoil people are still fleeing from the Taliban’s reign.

North Dakota in partnership with Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service have partnered together in an effort to admit a group of Afghan refugees to the Peace Garden State.

One has already been admitted in an effort to reunite a wife and husband.

The field office director for the state tells us about the exact number of refugees being permitted and the time frame for their arrivals.

“Requesting 49 Afghans be resettled in the state, and so between now and March of next year we anticipate seeing that number arriving. The process is somewhat accelerated,” Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service North Dakota Field Officer Daniel Hannaher said.

The refugees will be on a temporary visa but will be eligible to apply for green cards.

They will receive social security numbers so they can be employed.

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