Mask mandate ordered for Pre-K through grade 6 students in Fergus Falls

Fergus Falls Otters

FERGUS FALLS, Minn. (KVRR) – Beginning next Monday, Oct. 11, Fergus Falls Public Schools students in pre-K through 6th grade will be required to wear a mask unless the student meets one of the mask exemption criteria.  District employees must wear masks beginning Wednesday, Oct. 6.

Superintendent Jeff Drake says in a letter to parents that COVID-19 continues to be a significant issue.  He says cases are expected to continue to climb with a potential peak in early November.

“We are well above the pace for positive student and staff cases in comparison to last school year,” Drake said.  “Our current mitigation strategies are not enough.”

Drake says there will be “reasonable accommodations” for students with certain disabilities, behavioral needs, or other conditions who have difficulty wearing a mask or other face covering safely.

“The district is well-aware that the use of masks is not universally supported by everyone in our community, however, we do ask for everyone’s cooperation.”

Drake says the mandate only affects students through grade 6 because those students are not yet old enough to be vaccinated.  The mandate will be in effect through Oct. 25, when the policy will be reassessed.

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