West Fargo wants public input about rebranding the city

WEST FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) — West Fargo wants to hear from people living and working there as the city aims to rebrand itself.

For the past 20 years, West Fargo has been known as “a city on the grow,” with its population steadily increasing. “We’ve grown almost as much as we can grow at this point, and we’re becoming something new, we’re growing up,” explained West Fargo Communication Director Melissa Richard.

Because of that, the city is launching a branding study to gauge what kind of reputation West Fargo residents want their city to have.

West Fargo hired a Tennessee-based marketing firm called Chandlerthinks to head the project. “They’re going to be objective,” Richard said. “They don’t have the baggage that we have from being in the area and going through the growing pains and even the victories.”

“Most importantly, we help communities tell their story beyond a logo,” said Chandlerthinks owner Steve Chandler.

The firm is tasked with developing a distinct brand and identity for West Fargo.

Tuesday night, community members were invited to a public input session, where anyone could provide their perspective on the city.

“We definitely have a lot of work to do,” Chandler went on to say. “This week, we’ve started our process where we’ve been having many one-on-one interviews, focus groups. Tonight is a public listening and learning meeting where we can talk about the branding process, educate them about it, but also the opportunity to engage them and learn from them. There will be a community survey in the subsequent weeks where anyone in the community will have the opportunity to give some input about it.”

One of the people attending Tuesday’s public forum is downtown West Fargo business owner Aimee Hanson. “It’ll be interesting to hear what other people think because we’re so focused on downtown instead of West Fargo as a whole,” said Hanson, who co-owns Grateful Cratefulls on Sheyenne Street. “It’ll be nice to see what the overall feeling about West Fargo is and what they can do to bring more people here and grow tourism.”

The city is using $60,000 of its economic development sales tax to complete the study. Once that’s done, Chandlerthinks will recommend a dollar amount for implementing the branding.

The entire branding process is expected to take roughly eight months.

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