Agasizz School Program

FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) — Susan and Dan Ninham, co-founders and directors of Northern Indigenous Games, came to visit Agasizz School for Indigenous Peoples Day. 

They help teach Indigenous thinking in an encouraging and fun way, bringing with them traditional medicine games including Alaskan Kickball, Tag where Everyone is it, a pebble guessing game, and more. 

Susan and Dan were able to get the students to be loud, get excited, and think more about how they can incorporate tradition into their daily lives.

“The games we’re teaching are various Indigenous games across North America,” says Susan. Dan continued saying, “It encourages all students, but specifically Native students to have a good life on their journey and we provide opportunities for them to do so.”

The couple teaches in schools and organizations across Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan.

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