ND Main Street Summit Inspires Community Leaders Across the State

"We want North Dakota to be the place that attracts and retains workforce and families."


WEST FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) — Community leaders from around the state came together to hear about the Main Street Initiative. 

Over 700 people gathered at the Rustad Recreation Center in West Fargo to hear from nationally renowned speakers and gain insight on how to create and pay for smart, efficient infrastructure.

“The goal of the summit is really to bring together thought and community leaders from around the state to learn best practices, to network, connect with one another about what is going on in their communities, and learn about different parts of the state of North Dakota. Every corner of the state is a little bit different, they all have something valuable to offer,” says Katie Ralston.

The main topic at the summit was North Dakota’s Main Street Initiative and its 3 pillars. Governor Doug Burgum announced the addition of a fourth pillar.  

“We have added another pillar today, which is economic development and diversification. The whole competition  for economic development and growth is about who can build the best cities. If those cities can attract the talent, the workforce, the families – that is who is going to have the workforce, that is the place that is going to grow, ” adds Burgum.

ND Dept. of Commerce Commissioner, James Leiman says that all of the initiative’s pillars work together to help make North Dakota a more attractive place.

“They cannot be separated, they come together because workforce needs a place where people can call home and also jobs. Communities need workforce to fund the right infrastructure and live in those communities. Three, we need to have those economic diversification opportunities in place so that people want to come work there, live there, and enjoy their lives there. Workforce, infrastructure, health, and diversification come together to make our communities basically more special than others,” says Leiman.

 The theme of this year’s event is Smart, Efficient Infrastructure.

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