Fargo’s Amazon fulfillment center hopes to fill 1,100 positions

"We offer a workplace where associates can grow."

FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) – Fargo’s brand-new Amazon Fulfillment Center is seeking employees to fill open positions.

North Dakota’s first-ever Amazon Fulfillment Center is in full swing with over 300 employees busily boxing and shipping out orders across the area.

This is the largest building in North Dakota, which means it needs a large number of employees to fill open positions.

“1,400 is our in-state target and what we have is a relatively long ramp to get there. So we have that planned out over a several month period and we are actually right on track to where we want to be,” Amazon Fargo General Manager John Sabo.

Amazon focuses on more than just fulfilling and distributing orders. It has a work environment focused on the associate and their families.

“We have a very comprehensive and generous leave policy for parents, not just mothers. We have prenatal leave for fathers, bonding, prenatal, postnatal leave totaling a 20 week period. Associates go through that and are paid for it. We constantly want to remain competitive and our benefit package is how we do that,” Amazon Fargo Human Resources Manager Ashley Moran explained.

The company also offers a wide variety of educational and career advancement benefits.

“We have partnered a lot with the community. We have talked to a lot of the schools in the area, one of the universities, to figure out how we can best support through not only our education benefits that we offer, but also partnering with the great benefits of the state to have the best experience for the associate,” Moran said.

An Amazon employee and college student says he plans to stay with the company even after he completes his finance degree.

“I have been looking at transfer opportunities here after I graduate and I think I will be staying here for a while. Everyone is super helpful, it has been the best job I have ever had,” Jacob Ament said.


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