Shoot 360 Fargo inspires the next generation basketball

Shoot 360 Fargo Is Invested In The Development Of Local Players

FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) – The new basketball training and development center Shoot 360 Fargo is drawing attention from the community.

“I don’t know what this is, but I’ve got to bring it here to Fargo. So, two years later here we are,” Shoot 360 Fargo Manager Blaine Cook said.

Shoot 360 Fargo is providing and opportunity for hoopers all around North Dakota to come into a state of the art facility with upgraded technology to advance their games in the sport of basketball.

“We’ve integrated smart technology into basketball training. We’ve gamified basketball training and it’s just incredibly exciting to see all the things we can do to help kids get better and enjoy training in basketball,” Shoot 360 Co-Founder Josh Johnson said.

The game of basketball continues to evolve around the country, and this facility is one of a kind in the Midwest. It has shooting gun machines that collect data like shooting percentages, touch screen virtual training monitors for dribbling assistance and embedded games on monitors for younger kids to enhance accuracy and delivery on passing.

“A lot of coaches and trainers are interested to see what Shoot 360 can offer. So, like I’ve told people, we’re not here to replace the personal trainer or other types of workouts you’re doing on your own. We just want to be an added addition to your workout,” Cook said.

Students have already seen growth in their games from training here with emphasis on shooting, passing and skill work.

“My shot has definitely gotten better and I can work on my ball moves more. It’s just evolved a lot more,” Eighth Grade Member Karter Koenig said.

The training staff consists of some great basketball minds who know and love the game. And now they’re committed to sharing that knowledge.

Lead Trainer Rory White played for the Suns, Bucks and coached with the Los Angeles Clippers. Other members played for Concordia and Bismarck State College.

Memberships vary from $100 to $150 depending on which monthly or annual plan you choose. Private lessons are also available.

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