UND Ready For Exposure U.S.A. Hockey Hall of Game Brings

Play Penn State in Nashville on Saturday

GRAND FORKS, N.D. — It’s been two years in waiting and now finally here the U.S. Hockey Hall of Fame game for North Dakota in Nashville. Its the the third destination game for the program, taking on Minnesota in Las Vegas in 2019 and Boston College in 2017 at Madison Square Garden.

UND won both of those contests and looks for a third against Penn State at Bridgestone Arena. It’s a different dynamic than a usually two-game weekend series. That provides an extra day of both prep and rest to put everything in to the game once the puck drops.

Head coach Brad Berry says the team will treat it like a business trip while also enjoying the experience with a lot of exposure and first time emotions.

“You’re in a NHL city and NHL market with media. You’re playing against a really good program in Penn State,” Berry said. “It’s a situation where there’s going to be a lot of people and personnel wise. The NHL watching their prospects play. The light is on us and Nashville as far as that one game. I think it’s a situation where that’s what we do here every single day when we come into the Ralph or when we go on the road.”

UND will also debut new jerseys for the game, however will not reveal them until warm-ups on Saturday.

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