Marcus Theatres Celebrates Halloween with Spooky Movies and Throwback Films

Marcus Theatres is celebrating the Halloween season with spooky films.

The Theatres are playing Halloween Kills, Antlers and Addams Family 2.

Some theatres are featuring throwback Halloween films including the 1978 movie, “Halloween” and a Ghostbusters movie from 1984.

Select movies this weekend are 5 dollars and if you wear a costume to Addams Family 2, you receive a special buy one get one free ticket deal through tomorrow.

General Manager Tristan Ross says he enjoys seeing all of the Halloween spirit that comes to the big screen.

“You get all of the little kids coming in all excited to show off their costumes and then when you actually know who they are, they are super stoked. Otherwise, just the people excited to see their old movies back on the big screen. There is nothing better then seeing Ghost Busters with the slime flying out on the screen,” adds Ross. .

On Monday, Marcus Theatres celebrates 86 years of being in business, with 86 cent medium sodas

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