Fargo Mayor Mahoney Fighting in Court To Run Again

FARGO, N.D. (KVRR)- We are here on the city’s request as to whether or not Mayor Dr. Mahoney is eligible to run for another four year term,” said Cass County Judge Stephannie Stiel.

Opening arguments were presented at Cass County Courthouse.

Mayor Dr. Tim Mahoney and his attorney stated their case and Fargo’s City Attorney Eric Johnson argued why he feels Mahoney has exhausted his terms.

“This whole dispute revolves around a 2014-2018 term, so 2014 June he was elected to his third successive third year term as the city commissioner. Mayor Walaker tragically dies in December in 2014,” said Eric Johnson Fargo City Attorney.

After the passing of Mayor Dennis Walaker, Mahoney stepped in and served as mayor for the remainder of the term.

The conflict comes with full term and partial term, the city argued it was a full term.

Mahoney’s team feels 2014 was a partial term because he filled in during one that wasn’t previously his.

By North Dakota law partial terms don’t count towards the consecutive terms served limit.

“In order to say that someone can’t run for election, the law has to be entirely clear, it has to be very distinct and what we have here is lawyers disagreeing as to whether that ordinance would actually keep someone off the ballad,” said Mahoney’s Attorney Tami Norgard.

Mahoney is optimistic but also made it clear he plans to run again no matter what.

“Yes I do intend to run again if courts rule in my favor, we would also probably appeal the case if it did not go in our favor,” said Mayor Mahoney.

Mahoney wants the voters to decide who they want as mayor.

“Think we argued successfully that you really want to let the people decide, so if they don’t want to elect me again then they have the opportunity to do it at the ballot box,” said Mahoney.

He also shed light on some future plans if reelected.

“Getting the flood project done, we also want to get a drought project done and we have a variety of other endeavors within the city we want to get completed. And I think about what’s happened in the past we’ve delivered,” said Mahoney.

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